In 2015 Matilda recorded vocals for the children’s TV show ‘Kazoops’ which aired on ABC for Kids and is now featured on Netflix.

“In 2015 I had the pleasure of working with Matilda on Kazoops! Matilda sang on a bunch of the tracks in the series and was so great to work with. Matilda is professional, reliable and above all such a unique and great vocalist and musician. I highly recommend Matilda Abraham!”– Scott Langley, creator of Kazoops

29 Strings

In 2019 Matilda composed the music for Claire Capel-Stanley’s short film ’29 Strings’ which was commissioned by Emerging Minds, an organisation that works on projects and policies for the mental health of children and infants in Australia.

Looking Back: ’29 Threads’ (Claire Capel-Stanley) from Emerging Minds on Vimeo.

Matilda is a gifted musician and composer, and a great collaborator. Her music has incredible depth and soul, bringing new dimension to both audio and video pieces. Her compositions bring narrative to life, creating an emotional impact in a way that words alone cannot. In my video piece 29 Threads, Matilda’s music added a sense of vulnerability and strength that lifted the spoken words and perfectly captured what I wanted to express. Working with an artist of Matilda’s calibre was a great privilege and joy.” – Claire Capel-Stanley


DODO is a collaborative project with Carl Morgan.


Matilda also recorded vocals for Sean Wayland’s music and have been featured alongside Orlando le Fleming and Nate Wood.