“She reminds me of a young Leslie Feist. Suffice it to say her future’s bright.”   – Chilly Gonzales (Daft Punk, Feist)

Matilda Abraham is a vocalist and songwriter who produces her own music. A trained musician, Matilda’s sound combines a long-held fascination with songwriting with etherial vocals, warm synths and delay affected drum machine.

Matilda was a 2016 Red Bull Music Academy participant. This opportunity saw her selected by Grammy award winning producer Chilly Gonzales, along with four other participants, to collaborate for a sold out show in Montreal, Canada.

Matilda’s music is characterised by a kind of even tenderness. Heavily layered vocal arrangements feature prominently providing a bed of lush texture. This is juxtaposed by her use of vintage Casio keyboard and drum machine. Effects and layering of instruments take the music deep into the realm of production where Matilda continues to cut her teeth on the full indie artist skill set.

February 2018 saw the release of Matilda’s second EP ‘Away’. Taking it’s name from the October single, Away elaborates on the opening piece with four more self-produced tracks highlighting Matilda’s skill as a songwriter and scope as an artist.