Matilda Abraham is an artist who is carving something out. She spends her days writing, recording and producing music from her home. Her long held fascination with songwriting has lead her deep down the path of exploration. Lead by melody, she searches for ideas that provoke a feeling.

Matilda’s debut release New Balloon came out in October, 2016. Days after it’s release Matilda flew to Canada to participate in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy. This rare opportunity saw her collaborate with Grammy award winning producer Chilly Gonzales and 4 other participants for a sold out show in Montreal.

Matilda’s singing brings a bright and vibrant sound to her diverse material. Her approach is honest, combining a rich musicality with stark vulnerability and warmth. It is this common element that runs through each song. From feminist dance numbers to intricate and layered arrangements it is this element that makes Matilda’s music unique to her.